Fraudulent Online Share Transactions By Hacking

NEERAJ AARORA, AICWA, LLB, PGD (Cyber Law & DLTA), ACFE (USA) Certain unknown persons executed fraudulent trade by selling a call option of 5500 shares of BEL Ltd. in the trading code of CM01 allotted by the broker M/s CMA Securities Pvt. Ltd. in the name of Shri M. K. Chopra. This trading had been […]

SECURITIES FRAUD- DABBA TRADING- Applicability of Criminal Statute

A “Dabba Trading” also known as “Bucketing” is the process used by brokers to route their client’s trades outside the Stock/Commodity exchange. In such trading, the broker either does not execute any trade or matches and execute trades on its own terminal. “Dabba” has its origin in the developed markets where a system called bucketing […]